Monday, October 12, 2009

how long time i din come up update my blog?
i dunno edi.. maybe was too busy.
the time just pass like i dunno what i do in that time?
confuse? maybe...or truly?

dunno why,sometime feel cant understand what she thinking now?
Or i never understand what she want or what she thinking.
I am not her,but i try to get close know more about her...
But sometime i feel ..the feeling is weird

Maybe is my own problem...something i really feel that i got Neuropathy
Am i really like that? I dunno,maybe u can tell me am i the guy like that.

This few week,till my turn was busying and prepaid for my exam...
what the fxxx...till now i cant find any model for my cut and color exam..
i really getting crazy...but...if i really crazy i also cant do anything right?
den how? Just do as normal,find as normal...too rush for what?
If peole really dowan,u rush and rush and rush...also useless for it.

Tired at all...when i tired..i feel wanna u accompany around me.
But i know that's impossible for now and what else...
But i am happy that u always never give up to treat me good.

Is time to sleep.... when i wanna update my blog?
I dunno...Just...follow the feeling and mood.

Friday, September 25, 2009

sob sob sob..this week i almost become Beggars edi...
cos i buy 1 new Scissors edi....
cost me RM5xx
this week i really no money use ...haiz
lucky my dad still gv me 100..haiz...
dunno next few week how i pass my life everyday...

there all from Japan oh....

wo...a few day dint come update edi..
tired tired tired+ boring holiday
before the holiday... i go get a new set of the spectacles ..
sure got people ask me...why so suddeny need to get 1 new set spectacles?
because i tell my mom that i cant drive at night... den.. go check say i got flashing eye...
faint...nvw lo...
lucky is not really hard for me XD

Monday, September 21, 2009

tired at all in this few day.
Drive from my home go perak my grandma house and haven reach 24 hour..
have to drive back again. Tired with all now...
but i also getting sick now edi? Hey only 6.30...u wake me up at 5 something leh
i sure tired la. Yesterday chat with baby till 2something... not enough sleep now la...aiyo
i continue go sleep 1st la..ok? when i wake up..continue update lo~
night all

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today wake up late edi.. almost 9 something edi..den i rush to bath and rush go out.
But when i went downstaris,my maid not at home. Walao i get out from my house oh?
ok lo,i choose open the gate and the door 1st.
start my car,and put all my thing inside car. Haha... Tense moments,i use 1minut... to press to gate door button inside my home. at the same time,i also have to lock the door and throw the key inside home again,lucky the gate door haven close up all..muhahaha... finally get out lo.
But when i going on the high way,my dad call me for breakfast...den he tell me eat BAK KUT TEH.Wor wor wor... my lovely food. Muhahahah

see it? inside got prawn and White pomfret fish...muhahaha
after my breakfast...i rush to my academy..cos going late edi..but on the way...was jam from subang till mid valley... hate it la... when i reach also late edi. but never mind la,cos today busy with my stupid project... so... my teacher dun care me whole day.
but when senior tell me got client..till me turn lo...
ok lo...i accept lo... cut ar cut ar cut ar.... till half...walao...tio my finger edi...
ok lo...1st time..i dun care 1st...den i continue cut ar cut ar cut ar... wor...
2nd time again... this time more cham... blood non stop ... muhahaha... i almost pain till faint edi...hate it hate it...

too sharp edi... haiz...sad la...
before i go back home,i go buy treatment for my hair leh....later when back home den bath and do treatment...don jeaolous me oh.. XD
wish u all have a nice day.

Monday, September 14, 2009

yo yo yo. Today is ... what day ar? eh.. i think is blur blur day gua...
why ? dun ask me...cos always got people tell me monday blue=monday blur :P ever... today was busy with my project. lolx...
what kind project is that? when i complete all..only post up oh.
and today i also make 1 creative braiding...
muhahaha... i think that is nice XD... but how ever... still a good day.
But got 1 thing was bad in a day. What thing is that?
The thing is that i busy till forget replay my lover down her for whole day.
sorry baby that i dint find u whole day. But i miss u alot now oh..
Does u miss me also ?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

finally i got my own blog now. Muhahaha
but i have to thanks my lovely baby. If she dint help me and request me to do a blog.
It wont at here. will...just wish have a nice day at all now.

hm...1st day. Nothing to say 1st. but.. will update soon.
and... cari people...don blame me when u know me and see my blog. Muhahaha
at last,wan to tell my baby that i miss u alot now.